Экономика Великобритании

       Economy of Great Britain.

  Great Britain is highly developed industrial country. The oldest fields of industry are ship-building, coal-mining, textile,  metallurgical industries and the newer ones are electronics and electrical engineering, chemical, aircraft, automobile industries. For centuries Britain has been the leading ship-builder in the world. All of this fields are very important for Great Britain. The largest coal and iron mines are situated in the Midlands.

   The biggest centres of iron and steel industries are situated in the neighbourhood of coal basins.

       Agriculture is one of the most important industries. The greater part of of the land of Great Britain is used for sheep- and cattle- farming. The farmers grow wheat in the east of England. Vegetables are grown in all parts of England. But Britain does not produce enough food for its people, much food is imported from other countries.

       Great Britain is a country with old cultural traditions and customs. The most fameous educational centres are Oxford and Cambridge. They are considered to be the intellectual centres of Europe.

       The United Kingdom is rich in museums and art galleries . If you are fond of painting you will go to the Tate Gallery. There are about 300 oil and1900 watercolours and drawings. There are many works by the English painter William Turner there. Most of his paintings are connected with sea theme. The National Gallery is one  of the most important picture galleries in the world. It contains modern works by English and French masters.

       Madame Tussaud»s Museum is one of the most famous museums in the world. This museum is home to   wax figures of  the  famous people. Take tee with Princess Diana, sing alone with Spice Girls or compare muscles with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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