Конспект урока иностранного языка GOING TO THE THEATRE



  • to introduce and activate some key vocabulary;
  • to practise reading for gist and then for more intensive understanding.

Warm up

Try to predict the theme of the lesson.

"All world's a stage and all men and all women merely players".

W. Shakespeare.


I. Vocabulary

1. Key words:

Theatre goer / fan — театрал.

To applaud, applause — аплодувати, аплодисменти.

Opera House — оперний театр.

Puppet House — ляльковий театр.

Matinee ['mætinei] — ранкова вистава.

The first night — прем'єра.

Play — п'єса.

Acting — гра (на сцені).

Company — трупа.

To play the (leading) part / the (title) role — виконувати (головну) роль.

To stage / produce a play — поставити п'єсу.

2. Use the following words in sentences of your own.

Musician, conductor, play, performance, show, wonderful, box-office, spectator.

3. Answer the questions. Begin your answers with one of the following phrases.

I believe (suppose) guess; In my opinion; As to me / As for me; As far as 1 know /1 remember; As a matter of fact; Frankly / Strictly speaking.


1) What theatre is considered the best in your city? What kinds of plays are there on the repertoire? Is the standard of its production high?

2) Is there any difference in the price of tickets for morning and evening per­formances? What seats are most expensive?

3) Do you mind having a seat on the balcony or in the gallery?

4) Would you like to go to the Opera House?

5) What play is a success at present? Where is it on? 

II. Make up dialogues combining phrases in substitution partners




A. What are you going to do tonight?

What are your plans for the weekend?

What would you care to do for entertainment?

В. Nothing in particular. Well, we could do a theatre, perhaps.

I don't mind a good variety (show). .

Could we do a concert?

A. What's on?

Well, perhaps, if you can manage to book seats.

What's on the repertoire?

B. Here is an evening news­paper. Have a look!

I could ring up the box-office right away.

Will you look through the theatre guide?

A. Would you care to hear / see. . . ?

Let's try to reserve seats for the evening performance.

Let's book seats for. ,.

B. Why not. We might find it very good.

OK. We'd better be quick or the house will be sold out.

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