Стилистический анализ части романа Ребекка Дафны Дю Морье

pause was necessary for her to realize idea of the statement.

Ellipsis – is a figure of speech, the omission of a word or words required by strict grammatical rules but not by sense. The missing words are implied by the context. In the novel this reception is used rather frequently, because the story goes from the first person. This device is used to create an effect of the colloquial language, to represent an internal monologue or flow of consciousness, so to show such speech sphere, where the man does not need to be guided by rules of grammar in order to create the statement. Ellipsis may convey the emotional state of the narrator. ‘Why not come down to Manderley next week-end?’ – in this sentence a subject and an auxiliary verb are omitted. 

Rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question posed for special effect rather than for the purpose of getting an answer. Such constructions we can find in the analyzable part of the text in the thoughts of the narrator ‘Was he still laughing at me, was it all a joke?’, and in the direct speech of Maxim ‘I'm being rather a brute to you, aren't I?’. These questions require no answer. The heroes set such question to themselves or assert obvious in the form of a question.

Stylistic semasiology. Metonymy refers to the use of a single characteristic to identify a more complex entity and is one of the basic characteristics of cognition. It is extremely common for people to take one well-understood or easy-to-perceive aspect of something and use that aspect to stand either for the thing as a whole or for some other aspect or part of it. It is based on the associations between two concepts: the object implied and object named. In the given fragment of REBECCA there is just one example of metonymy: ‘…and a violin playing a waltz in the distance’. Course, we understand that the violin can not play by itself that the musician plays on it. But Du Maurier transfer attributes of the man on the musical instrument, omitted man’s necessity, invested it with the ability to play independently.

Metaphor – is defined as a direct comparison between two or more seemingly unrelated subjects. More generally, a metaphor casts a first subject as being or equal to a second subject in some way. Thus, the first subject can be economically described because implicit and explicit attributes from the second subject are used to enhance the description of the first. With a help of such device few words, emotions and associations from one context are associated with objects and entities in a different context. In the analyzable part of the text we can see the metaphor: ‘This about me, a whisper on the fringe of a crowd…’ It is known, that there is no

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