Стилистический анализ части романа Ребекка Дафны Дю Морье

monologue or flow of consciousness and it finds an expression in the analyzable fragment.

So in the given part of the text we have 4 examples of using the devices of the stylistic morphology.

Stylistic syntax. The style of any work as well as the style of the any author is substantially defined by the syntax. The syntactic organization of speech is one of the basic means of the literary art. There are a lot of devices of the stylistic syntax in the analyzable text fragment. Repetition – the stylistic device which serves to emphasize the state of the personage or character overcome by strong emotions. The author draws our attention to something. The repetitions are quite often met in REBECCA. In the given part of the text we meet the line ‘He wanted to show me Manderley...’ two times. Du Maurier accented the reader’s attention on that because the fact, that Maxim wanted to show the narrator his manor, is very important for the main heroine. From the childhood she was dreaming to see that wonderful house and now she could be an owner of it. And it is important that Maxim wanted to it her. His patrimonial manor is extremely significant for him. And the fact that he wanted to show Manderley her meant for the narrator that she is important for him. The line ‘Mrs de Winter. I would be Mrs de Winter’ is met three times. The narrator repeated that phrase for two reasons. On the one hand, the heroine could not believe that she would be Maxim’s wife and so she repeated it to herself. On the other hand, with every repetition she enjoyed the understanding that it all would happen with her. And thus she tried to get used that soon she would began to play a new role – she would a wife of the rich person of consequence instead of being the underpaid companion for the old lady. And besides the line ‘Mrs de Winter. I would be Mrs de Winter’ is so-called repetition in the repetition because this line illustrates the repetition itself but it also contains a repeated element Mrs de Winter:Mrs de Winter. I would be Mrs de Winter’. This element has the same function as well as all line, but owing to its double repetition we meet it in the text six times so the author six times accented reader’s attention on the dreams of the narrator about her future married life. The similar repeated element can be mentioned in the line: ‘People, always a throng of people’. But in the first example this element stronger, because it represents the nominative sentence by itself, it breaks one semantically homogeneous phrase on two parts.

Parenthetic sentences / parenthesis – is an explanatory or qualifying word, clause, or sentence inserted into a passage with which it has not necessarily any grammatical connection,

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