Стилистический анализ части романа Ребекка Дафны Дю Морье

and from which it is usually marked off by round or square brackets, dashes, or commas. In the given part of the text we have just one example of such construction: ‘My mind ran riot then, figures came before me and picture after picture – and all the while he ate his tangerine, giving me a piece now and then, and watching me’. In this example the author wanted to show the difference between the imagined and the real events with a help of the given stylistic device. Also parenthesis creates effect of a mockery. The parenthetic sentence emphasizes, that the heroine’s imagination withdraw her far from the reality, because she is a dreamer, filled with the youthful maximalism and superfluous haste. Also this way shows a difference between the naive dreamy young story-teller and experienced cynical Maxim de Winter. But even experienced Maxim was delighted with a lovely children's spontaneity of the narrator.

Parallelism is a balance of two or more similar words, phrases, or clauses. The application of parallelism in sentence construction improves writing style and readability. In fiction the basic function of parallelism is the amplification of the communicative and expressive importance of the statement There are a few examples of the parallel constructions: ‘we would walk in the garden together, we would stroll down that path in the valley to the shingle beach’ (parallel grammatical bases of the sentence); ‘I knew how I would stand on the steps after breakfast, looking at the day, throwing crumbs to the birds’(parallel participles); ‘I considered my name, and the signature on cheques, to tradesmen, and in letters asking people to dinner’ (parallel objects); ‘I saw the polished table in the dining-room, and the long candles’ (parallel objects); ‘Great cool rooms, filled with flowers. My bedroom, with a fire in the winter…’ (parallel subjects in the nominative sentences)

Nominative sentences – are the sentences with an incomplete syntactic basis. In these sentences the main component expressed by a noun. Such sentences are distributed by the words with emotional connotation, they have laconic brevity and certain expressiveness: ‘Mrs de Winter’; ‘People, always a throng of people’; ‘My bedroom, with a fire in the winter’; ‘A party of twenty-four’. It is also often used in spoken language, so the author needs this device in describing an internal monologue or flow of consciousness.

Aposiopesis is a stylistic device by which the writer deliberately stops short and leaves something unexpressed, but yet obvious, to be supplied by the imagination, giving the impression that she is unwilling or unable to continue. It often portrays being overcome with passion (fear, anger, excitement) or modesty. The ellipsis is also used in the constructions with aposiopesis. There is an example in the offered fragment: ‘He wanted to show me Manderley. . . ’ Daphne Du Maurier made break in the text because the story-teller of the novel was too exited to continue the narration therefore the

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