Travelling. Комплекс тренировочных задач

is afraid of missing the train. All one’s natural kindness and good manners seem to disappear on a railway station and in a train which is about to start. One rushes for the best seat, looks indignantly at the passengers who come into the same compartment. No wonder, everybody tries to find an empty compartment.

As the time of departure of the train draws nearer, the anxiety increases. Doors are banged, guards shout and blow their whistles. Everybody shouts out the things that have been said a thousand times, those on the platform beg those in the train to write to them when they arrive at their destination.


Speak on:

1.  the feelings of those who have to travel by train.

2.  your (un)pleasant ‘travelling by train’ experience.


Text 2

Last year John travelled through Italy on his way to England. His train stopped at Turin for a few hours. He put his suit-cases under the seat, and went off to see the town and have lunch. He looked forward to a good hot lunch, as it was a cold January day. As he was walking along the street, he saw a good restaurant and entered.

As John was eating, he was taking in the atmosphere of the place. It seemed a good restaurant. The dark-eyed Italian waitresses were rushing about and exchanging jokes with their customers. While he was observing this, John finished his enormous lunch. He ordered coffee and a cigar, and called for the bill.

Then he got up to go, he was afraid of missing the train. He walked over to the counter, where the proprietor was talking to a friend, and put his hand into his breast-pocket to get out his wallet. To his surprise, his breast-pocket was empty. He searched the other pockets. His heart thumped as he turned to the proprietor. «I’m awfully sorry,» he said to him, «but I have lost all my money.» «Well, » said the proprietor, «if you find it you might come back and pay the bill.» John looked at him in amazement. «Thanks awfully, I will certainly come back. »

He went to the nearest police-station and told them that someone had robbed him of all his money. Then he went to collect his luggage at the station. And great was his surprise when he saw his wallet lying on the floor near his luggage!


1. Retell the text as if you were John / the proprietor of the restaurant


2. Give a short summary of the text


Travelling by air 

Exercise 1.

Read the text and do the assignment.

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