Travelling. Комплекс тренировочных задач

the humble, inexpensive bicycle. Then, there’s the motor-cycle, with which you can travel quickly and cheaply, but for long journeys it’s rather tiring. With a motor-car, one can travel comfortably for long distances without getting too tired.

Luxurious ships carrying passengers cross seas and oceans from one continent to another. Aeroplanes carry passengers to various parts of the world in almost as many hours as it takes days to do the journey by other means. But most of us still have to use trains as it’s the cheapest means of travel.

Exercise 1.  

Read the text and do the assignments 

Travel agencies

Travel is the name of a modern ‘’disease’’ which started in the mid fifties and is still spreading. The ‘’patient’’ grows restless in the early spring and starts rushing from one travel agency to another. He collects information about the places where he would like to spend his holidays.

It’s vital to choose the travel agency that will ensure that your every cent is well spent. The staff of most travel agencies are professional travel consultants. They will offer you a travel package that suits both your plans and your pocket. Besides, travel consultants will provide you with up-to-date information about the places you are interested in, news of road and weather conditions and supplimental information on local customs, events, points of interest, shopping hours, duty free shops, currencies, etc.

The people in an agency will arrange reservations for air and shipping lines, trains, rental cars, hotels, auto and baggage insurance – all the services that make your travel problem-free and pleasant. Travel agencies can arrange sightseeing or shopping tours, organize special interest holidays such as sailing, water skiing, fishing, camping and fly-drive vacations. They can make reservations for special events such as art festivals, cultural and sporting events. Besides, travel agencies offer a range of services designed to meet the specific needs of business travellers

In a word, travel agencies are designed to help people have an enjoyable and worry-free trip.

Agree or disagree:

1.   Travel can be called a disease.

2.   To choose the right travel agency is very important.

3.   To work in a travel agency you needn’t have any qualifications.

4.   The role of travel agencies nowadays is very important.  

Speak on:

If one wants to have an enjoyable and worry-free trip. . .


Exercise 2.  

a)Read and dramatize the text.  

Packing the luggage

(Scene: Two young men and two girls are getting ready for a journey. )

ANDREW: Well, Kate, here we all are to take you out to dinner before our journey begins tomorrow.

KATE: Oh, but I haven’t packed yet.

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