Travelling. Комплекс тренировочных задач

style="font-size: A: Neither have I. But you want to have dinner with us, don’t you?

K: Well...

BORIS: Kate, we can help you pack later.

HELEN: Let’s help her now.

K: Yes, I think I’ll do it now. But... shall I take a lot of things? Do I need one suitcase? Or two?

B: Take only what’s necessary for the journey.

A: Take a couple of dresses, your camera, a toothbrush...

H: Take a book to read, too. Of course, you must take a sweater, a raincoat...

K: If you name more things, I’ll have to take two cases after all! If I leave something behind, I’ll be able to buy it, won’t I?

A: Of course, you will. Don’t listen to them, listen to me! You mustn’t take more than you can carry, it is not always easy to find porters. As for me, I always travel light.

H: Oh, that doesn’t matter, Andrew. You and Boris will have to carry the cases if we can’t find porters.

B: Do you hear that, Andrew? Will you be able to carry Kate’s cases? And your own too? I think we’ll have to take a porter!

K: Don’t worry. I’ll be able to get everything into one case, I’m sure. Just wait a little, I’ll fetch some of my things.

A: OK. If we start packing now, we’ll still be able to have dinner somewhere. Come along, Helen, you can help her find what she wants.

(Some minutes later)

H: Here we are. If we can’t shut the case, you, boys, will have to sit on it to help.

B: Put the things in, Kate, I’ve opened the case for you.

Exercise 3. 

Read the texts and do the assignments. 

Text 1. How to plan your trip

How to find exactly what you want? If you plan a few days of the good life, see your travel agent. If you don’t have one, look in the yellow pages for the one nearest you. Ordinarily such services cost you nothing. If there is a charge, it’s never much, usually for extra phone calls, telegrams, etc.

The agent will help you select the holiday plan best suited to your needs, tell you about a variety of tours that are beneficial to you – not to mention your wallet, and wrap up all of your arrangements in a care-free package. Each package provides hotels or other accommodations (guest houses or tourist homes for budget travellers), meals, tickets to amusement parks, museums, galleries and exhibitions, historical sites and theaters.


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