Travelling. Комплекс тренировочных задач

are special travel rates, for all transportation companies (motor, rail and plane) offer a variety of special rates, seasonal and year-round. Some companies offer a 10% discount to holders of foreign passports, many offer both sightseeing packages of their own and also various types of reduced fares (10% reduction on round-trip tickets). Special round-trip excursion fares are available between many cities, if you agree to preset time period. Children under five travel free. Special rates are available for groups, the handicapped and members of the Armed Forces. Also, there are fare reductions due to competition among travel companies. For example, a traveller can buy a ticket that entitles him/her to cover any distance during a certain period of time (unlimited mileage); there are discounts for senior citizens and for family trips (family plan).

Your travel agent will give you the facts you want, help you in your planning, and give you details on the many and varied vacation areas in the US and all over the world. You are sure to have a good time.


Answer the questions.

A. 1. How do Americans usually arrange the trip? 2. What special rates and fares are available for clients? 3. What services are included in different packages? 4. Who enjoys special reductions?

B. 1. Have you had any experience of travelling abroad? What means of transportation did you use? 2

Have you ever used the services of a travel agency? What advantages did they offer? 3. Have you had a chance of having fare reductions? Under what circumstances? 4. Have you travelled much in your country? Share your experience.


In the text find words and expressions which mean the following:

1. section of a telephone directory listing businesses, professions and services; 2. special set of services that provides accommodations, transportation, and excursions; 3. places of interest; 4. money charged for the tickets; 5. time period fixed in advance; 6. disabled persons; 7. travellers who cannot afford to spend much money.  


Text 2 Travelling and transportation

The average American employee usually has three or four weeks of paid vacation during the summer, but this varies considerably. Some American families spend their vacations at home. Others might own or rent a cottage near a lake or in the mountains. Locations where swimming, fishing and other water sports are available are especially popular. A great many Americans take to the road and ‘’see America first. ’’ Every year more than 60 million Americans visit their National Parks, which give Americans opportunities ‘’to get away from it all,’’ to escape from the worries and hectic life of the urban world.

Camping and hiking, which have become extremely popular throughout the country, also afford the chance to travel on a limited budget. Some Americans take a trip to Europe or Africa, tour Asia or South America,

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