Travelling. Комплекс тренировочных задач

which leaves here at 11 p. m. and arrives in Liverpool early in the morning at 6. 45. There is nothing after 11.

H: I can’t take 9. 25. It’s too early for me. I’d like to go by the fast train. Could you give me a lower berth on it?

C: I’m sorry. I’ve got only upper berths on this train.

H: That’s too bad. Have you got lower berths on the same train on Tuesday?

C: Let me see. Yes, I have one for you.

H: How much is it?

C: Single or return?

H: Return, please.

C: It’s 75. 25.

H: Here you are.

C: Thank you, here is your ticket. Carriage 5, compartment 7. Have a nice trip.

H: Thank you.


с). Memorize the rules for those who travel by train.  


1.   Be considerate to other people who want to use the station.

2.   Allow plenty of time at the station before your train is due.

3.   Stay off the tracks

4.   Keep away from the platform edge.

5.   Keep a close watch on small children.

6.   Secure prams and push-chairs.  


1.   Try to board a moving train.

2.   Ride bikes or use skateboards on the platform.

3.   Ignore signs – they are there to protect you.

4.   Cross the tracks to reach your platform: use the footbridge or subway.

5.   Try to retrieve anything dropped on the line. Do you think it is necessary to follow all these rules? Why?


Exercise 3.  

Dramatize the dialogue.  

At the station

-  Porter, will you see to my luggage, please?

-  Where for, sir?

-  I’m going by the 10 o’clock train to Glasgow. Will you have this trunk labelled and put in the luggage-van? The suitcase and bag can go on the luggage-rack.

-  Right, sir. What class?

-  First. Try and find me a corner seat in a smoker, facing the engine, if you can.

-  Have you got your ticket yet, sir?

-  Not yet. Where’s the booking-office?

-  Come along with me and I’ll show you. Here it is. I’ll meet you on the platform.

-  Which platform is it?

-  № 8, over there.  

(at the booking-office)

-  One first to Glasgow, please.

-  Single or return?

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