Воспитательное мероприятие по английскому языку Снежная королева

think you can put me on a hot stove? (laughs angrily) Tonight you'll see how wrong you are. Come with me into the land of Ice and I'll make you its King. (Points her crook, luring Kay. Kay is hypnotized, he stands up and leaves with the Queen. )

Gerda. No, Kay! Don't believe her! Granny! (Comes to granny and cries. )

Granny. Hush, my darling! He'll come back. His heart is not made of ice. Your love will save him.


Narrator. The next day Gerda decided to find Kay and bring him home. She looked for Kay in Germany, Den­mark, Switzerland, she crossed all Europe and one day she came into a beautiful garden in France. She was very tired and decided to stop there.

Ms. Cunning. Bon jour! My name is Ms. Cunning and you are in my garden.

Gerda. Hello, I'm Gerda. I'm looking for my brother Kay. Do you know where he is?

Ms. Cunning. Oh, poor little child! Come — I'll make you some tea with cheese cake. Come. . . forget about everything. Come and have some sleep.

Gerda immediately falls asleep. The next minute Ms. Cunning falls asleep too.

Narrator. A year passed and Gerda was still in deep sleep enchanted by Ms. Cunning:

Gerda (wakes up). Where am I? I don't remember any­thing. Where am I going? (A picture of Kay falls from her pocket. ) Oh! It's Kay — I must find him!

Gerda runs away


Narrator. While Gerda was looking for Kay, he was in Lapland — the land of the Snow Queen. She took him to her Ice Castle and tried to change him from an ac­tive and loving boy, into a reserved and cruel one.

Snow Queen. Kay! Look at me, what do you remem­ber?

Kay (playing with icicles). I remember the flowers in my garden. . . my friends-Snow Queen. Flowers? (Laughs. ) Remember what I told you — flowers, spring, love, friendship, poetry — they don't exist and soon you'll forget about it.

Kay. I remember Gerda too. . .

Snow Queen. Who? That's fine, soon. . . you'll forget her too. There's nothing in this world except cold, ice and snow.


Narrator. Gerda ran away from a wicked woman and went to Finland. The weather there was horrible — it was a snowstorm and she was bitterly cold in the mid­dle of the road late at night.

A strange voice. Hey! Quiet, boys! Somebody's coming. Let's see who's this?

Six street robbers with knives and guns surround Gerda.

Gerda. Excuse me, I'm Gerda, I'm looking for my friend — Kay, have you seen him? Here's his picture.

Joe. And I'm Joe. Look at your fur hat! Give it to me (takes her hat).

Robber 1. And her mittens! (Takes her mittens. )

Robber 2. And her fur coat! (Takes her fur coat. )

Robber 3. And her bracelet!

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