Воспитательное мероприятие по английскому языку Снежная королева

Gerda got home safe and sound. They were so happy to meet and promised never to leave each other in trouble.

Kay and Gerda come into the room where granny is sitting and knitting.

Granny (splashes her hands in surprise). My dear! You're back. I was so worried about you both! Glory to God!

Gerda (runs to granny and hugs her). Granny! I'm so happy to see you again!

Kay. I thought I would never see you and home again!

Gerda. Granny, I have learnt that if you don't have love — you are nothing.

Kay. Yes, Love is patient.

Granny. Love is kind.

The characters of the play come on stage, stand in line and take each other by the hand.

Narrator. Love doesn't envy.

Snow Queen. Love doesn't boast.

Snowflake 1. Love isn't proud.

Snowflake 2. Love isn't rude.

Snowflake 3. Love isn't self seeking.

Snowflake 4. Love isn't easily angered.

Snowflake 5. Love keeps no record of wrongs.

Ms. Cunning. Love doesn't delight in evil...

Joe. but rejoices with the truth.

Robber 1, Love always protects,

Robber 2. Love^always trusts.

Robbers 3. Love always hopes.

Robber 4. Love always perseveres.

Jack. Love never fails!


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