Конспект уроку іноземної мови AT THE BOX-OFFICE



  • to present and practise words and expressions on the topic "Theatre";
  • to develop students' reading skills;
  • to practise students' work in groups and pairs.

Warm up

Answer the questions.

1) What is a theatre?,

2) What theatres do you know?

3) Which are you favourite theatres?

4) What plays are performed at different theatres?

— You are going to the theatre. What will you need?

— I'll need. . . some money to buy tickets.  


I. Vocabulary


The pit — амфітеатр.

The stalls — партер.

The orchestra stalls — перші ряди партеру.

The dress circle — бельетаж.

The gallery — галерея.

The box — ложа.

The balcony — балкон.

Note the use of the definite article and preposition before these words.

Say: in stalls (pit, gallery etc), but on the balcony. Phrases to remember:

— What's on the repertoire / the programme?

— The house is full.

— The house is sold out. All seats are sold out.

— The play has a long (short) run.

— It is the hit of the season.

— It's a flat.  

II. Work in pairs

1. Checking up the homework.

2. Read and dramatize the dialogue.


Is that you, Ann? How are you?

A. Fine! And how are things with you?

M. Also good! I'm ringing you up to tell you our class is going to the theatre in a week or so. Would you like care to join us? I should very much like to have you — if you care to (if you like), of course.

A. With great pleasure, Mary. What's on that interests you?

M. Gogol's "Inspector General".

A. Wonderful! I haven't seen the new staging yet, and shall look forward to an entertaining evening. By the way, will it be an evening show or a matinee?

M. I want to see the first night performance.

A. You'll let me know the exact date, won't you?

M. Certainly, as soon as we get the tickets.

A. Why don't you try to book tickets by phone? I always do. Let me try and ring up the box-office.

M. I know it's possible to reserve seats over the phone, but I prefer to pick up the tickets myself.

A. Oh, yes, Mary! I've just seen a poster announcing the coming of the English company of actors. Shall I go to the box-office and inquire about it?

M. All right, do! Shouldn't like to miss them. See you later.

A. Cheerio! 

III. Reading

Our Theatre

We have a very beautiful theatre in our town. It's a modern building of glass and shining metal and it was built eight years

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