Конспект уроку іноземної мови AT THE THEATRE



  • to help learners consolidate and develop their vocabulary by active using the words given;
  • to revise the use of articles;
  • to practise prediction and extensive reading for specific information.

Warm up

Make up questions and answer them. ' Ask your friend:

1) If he is a great theatre goer.

2) What he prefers: an opera, a drama, or a ballet.

3) What plays by English playwrights he has seen.

4) What seats he prefers at the theatre.

5) If he has ever been to the puppet theatre.  


I. Vocabulary

1. Key words:

Hero — герой.

Heroine — героїня.

Heroism — героїзм.

Character — дійова особа, персонаж.

Main character — головна дійова особа.

Vacant room — вільна (незайнята) кімната.

Empty room — порожня кімната.

Free time — вільний час.

Overcome — долати щось.

Be overcome by emotions — переповнюватися почуттям.

Play — п'єса.

Performance — вистава.

То perform a play — виконувати п'єсу.

То stage / to do a play — ставити п'єсу.

First night performance — прем'єра

Scene — сцена, акт.

Stage — сцена, підмостки.

2. Choose the right word.

Hero character

1) She was overcome by the actor playing the part of the national __ __.

2) What are the main __ __ of the play?

3) Why, I didn't know your grandfather had so many orders and medals. He is quite a __ __ ! At the age of sixty my aunt began studying Latin to be able to read Plato in the original, she's quite a__ __ ! The main __ __ of this novel is a young boy.

Scene — stage

1) When the curtain rose the __ __ was empty.

2) The curtain rose upon the __ __ at the hall.

3) Excuse me, but I can't call the actor N. for you now; he's on the_____.

4) He is in the duel __ __.

5) The __ __ manager asked the actress not to make a __ __.

Vacant free empty

1) The stage was __ __.

2) Ann appeared and declared that she had seen two __ __ seats in the third row and that we were going to occupy them.

3) I've got very little __ __ time.

4) There were no __ __ rooms in the hotel.

5) There were plenty of __ __ rooms in the house.

6) He promised to apply for a position, but we knew it was an __ __ promise as he didn't want to get a job.  

II. Reading

1. Read the text, fill in articles where necessary.

Andrew had been looking at__posters near__theatre for half__hour before Kate arrived.

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