Конспект уроку іноземної мови AT THE THEATRE

He1 thought it was already late but___bell rang only after they had entered __ auditorium. Their seats were in__fifth row. No sooner had Andrew bought__programme than__orchestra began tuning up. Kate threw__glance at __ programme because she wanted to learn something more about__perform­ance.

After__third bell__lights went down and__curtain went up after__short overture. _ music began slowly to unfold them of__great love and__self- sacri­fice. It was__famous ballet "Swan Lake". Kate's eyes soon kindled with__inter­est and__delight. She couldn't take her eyes off -stage and she murmured to Andrew, "It's__first rate ballet!" During__first interval they discussed_ music and__ballet dancers. __second act began with__tragic music. __features of Andrew's companion reflected__emotions awakened by__sad story of Odette. At__intermission Kate was too affected to keep__conversation with Andrew. After__end of__ballet there was__storm of applause. Kate was too overcome by__feelings to join in. When they left__theatre she told Andrew that it had been __ real treat for her.

2. Answer the questions.

1) How long had Andrew been waiting for Kate?

2) What performance did they watch?

3) Were Andrew and Kate late?

4) What were their seats?

5) Who bought a programme? Why?

6) It was the first rate ballet, wasn't it?

7) Did they like the performance?

3. Retell the text "Snowball game".  

III. Work in groups

Students are divided into 3 groups

Each group gets the text. The task is to predict the end of the story.

Group 1

This is about a very rich man who got angry when he discovered a portrait of Shakespeare in the foyer of the theatre which was built in honour of himself. He wondered why it was not his own portrait in the theatre. . . because Shakespeare "had done nothing to help Colorado!"

Group 2

This is about an unusual performance of "Hamlet" when the actor in the title role was taken ill and an understudy had to go on. The understudy was so nervous and his performance was so bad that on the second night the director asked for the play to go on without the main character of Hamlet. Many of the audience said. . . that this version of the play was better.

Group 3

This is about a famous actor, John Barrymore, whose performance of Hamlet was disturbed one afternoon by a then famous film star who talked loudly all the

time to her friends. When he took his curtain call,. . . Barrymore publicly thanked the film star for "co-starring" with him.

The students work in groups, put down the predictions of the stories and read them aloud.  

IV. Homework

Make up a story referring to the topic "Theatre".

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