Конспект уроку іноземної мови GOING TO THE THEATRE

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III. Work in pairs

Read the dialogue and make up your own one.

P. Have you an engagement for tonight, Ann?,

A. I believe not.

P. Well, if you like we could go to the cinema tonight. A. What theatre, and what are they producing there? P. The Art Theatre. It's Sheridan's comedy "The School for Scandal". A. Oh, yes. That sounds promising. I read a review about it in the paper the other day. According to it, it must be quite amusing. P. Then I will call for you at 6 o'clock tonight. A. All right, thank you.  

IV. Relaxation

Comment on the joke.

A man was at a theatre. He was sitting behind two women who were continu­ously chattering. Leaning forward, he tapped one of them on the shoulder. "Pardon me, Madam", he said, "but I can't hear anything". "You're not supposed to —'this is a private conversation", she said/ 




There are plenty of theatres in many big cities. Theatres are very much the same in our city as anywhere else.

If you are staying in our city for a few days, you will have no difficulty what­ever in finding somewhere to spend the evening.

You will find the Opera House, the Drama, the Musical Comedy, Cinemas, the Concert Hall etc.

Odesa Opera House is a really beautiful building, if not the best of its type in Euro­pe. The theatre's facade is decorated with various sculptures representing famous musicians, dancers, singers and there are many busts set in niches, repre­senting our geniuses of music and literature.

If you are fond of music go to the Opera House, there you can see many fa­mous actors and actresses performing. As a rule, the plays are magnificently staged, the costumes, dresses, scenery are wonderful.

Most theatres have good orchestras with conductors.

The performances start at half past seven or eight o'clock and finish about eleven or half past ten,

1. Words List:

Sculpture — скульптура.

Musician — музикант.

Bust — бюст, погруддя.

Niche — ніша.

Performance —театральна вистава.

2. Read and remember.

1) What is the meaning of "to go on the stage"? — To become an actor, actress.

2) What is the meaning of "what is on at the cinema?" — It means "what programme is on? What is being shown?"

3. Post-reading activities.

1) Write the correct word in each gap.

2) Complete the text with prepositions.

4. Fill in the following words.

House, building, theatres, building, best, stayed, sculpture, performing, staying.


There are plenty of__(theatres) in many big cities. Theatres are very much the same__(in) our city as anywhere else. If you are__(staying) in our city for a few days, you will have no difficulty whatever__(in) finding somewhere to spend, the evening.

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