Конспект уроку іноземної мови GOING TO THE THEATRE

style="font-size: You will find the Opera House, the Drama, the Musical Comedy, Cinemas, the Concert Hall etc.

Odesa Opera House is a really beautiful__(building), if not the__(best) of its type of in Europe. The theatre fa ade is decorated__(with) various _ (sculp­tures), representing famous musicians, dancers, singers and there are many busts set __ (in) niches, representing our geniuses__(of) music and literature. If you are fond__(of) music go to the Opera__(House), there you can see many fa­mous actors and actresses__(performing). As a rule, the plays are magnificently j_ (staged), the costumes, dresses, scenery are wonderful.

Most theatres have good orchestras__(with) conductors.

The performances start__(at) half past seven or eight o'clock and finish__ (about) eleven or half__(past) ten. 

VI. Work in pairs

Arrange the sentences to make up a dialogue.

— I'm sorry, I'd love to go with you, but I can't. (4)

— What performance are you going to? Matinee, or evening one? (2)

Would you like to go to the theatre with me? (1)

— I'm going to go to a matinee performance. (3) 

VII. Homework

Make up a dialogue "Let's go to the theatre".

1 2 3

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