Конспект уроку іноземної мови MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR

presents if they are good. Before going to bed on Christmas Eve the children hang stockings at the back of their beds, for Santa Claus to put presents in when he comes in the middle of the night through the chimney.

On Christmas Eve (the 24th of December) some people go to a special church service called Midnight Mass which starts at 12 o'clock at night.

Christmas is the day when -people stay at home, open their presents and eat together. The most important meal is Christmas dinner: turkey with potatoes and other vegetables, followed by a Christmas pudding. Other traditional foods in­clude a special Christmas cake and mince pies — small round cakes filled with a mixture of apples, raisins and spices.

The day after Christmas, the 26th of December, is also a public holiday. It's called Boxing Day. The дате goes back to the old tradition: some time before Christmas, boxes were placed in churches for the people to put some money or presents for the poor. On the day after Christmas, the 26th of December, the priest opened the box and gave the contents away to poor people.

Answer the questions.

1) Christmas is the main holiday of the year, isn't it?

2) What are Christmas carols? Where do people sing them?

3) Why do children hang their stockings on the back of their beds on the night before Christmas?

4) What does a typical Christmas dinner consist of?

5) Why is the 26th of December called Boxing Day? 

III. Work in pairs

Christmas carol.

1. Fill in the last words of the lines.

Door, bed, cheer, more, here, red.

Let's sing of Christmas tide, time of good (cheer).

Soon Father Christmas's sleigh will be (here).

Listen! Old Santa is opening the (door).

Bringing rare gifts for the children once (more).

Gingerbread, oranges, apples so (red).

Fill children's stockings that hang by the (bed).

2. Project "Christmas in Great Britain — Christmas in Ukraine" 

Christmas in GB

Christmas in Ukraine

1) Christmas in Great Britain is celebrat­ed on. . .

1) Christmas in Ukraine is celebrated on. .

2) The English gift-giver is called Father


2) The Ukrainian gift-giver is called. . .

3) He wears a long red robe.

3) He wears. . . .

4) Father Frost. . .

4) Father Christmas delivers presents dur­ing the night before Christmas.

5) In Ukraine traditional Christmas din­ner is. . . -

5) In England traditional Christmas din­ner is. . .

6) Children in Ukraine sing Kolyadky and. . .

6) Children in England sing Christmas. . .

7) On Christmas Eve some people. . .

7) On Christmas Eve

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