Навчання фонетичного матеріалу з іноземної мови

The more we know, the more we forget.

The more we forget, the less we know.

The less we know, the less we forget.

The less we forget, the more we know.

We study?


let, look, life, little

help, health, clever, clean

people, shall, tell.


  1. All is well that ends well.
  2. The girl doesn’t feet well.
  3. The child is old enough to go to school.

Little Lady Lily lost her lovely locket.

Lucky little Lucy found the lovely locket.

Lovely little locket lay in Lucy’s pocket.

Lazy little Lily lost her lovely locket.


peace, happy, lip, speak

part, poppy, top, spell

  1. Present company excepted.
  2. Stop playing Pantaloon.
  3. Pat’s as proud as a peacock.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

A peck of pickled peppers. Peter Piper picked.

It Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,

Where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?


A Dialogue

  1. How do you do? I’m Parker…
  2. How do you do? Barker.
  3. Parker.
  4. Oh, Parker with a “P”.
  5. With a “P”, yes.
  6. Er… I’m Barker.

A. Barker with a “B”, of course.

B. A “B”, yes.

A. Ah.

B. Mm.

  1. Er… well, good bye, Barker,
  2. Good – bye, Parker.


boy, cab, about, obtain, cabman

ball, sob, hobby, sobbed

  1. Barbara is as busy as a bee.
  2. Bob lives at the back of beyond.
  3. Bob is a big bug


Betty bought a bit of butter,

But the butter was bitter.

When she put it in her batter.

And the batter became bitter.

And the batter became bitter.

Then she bought some better butter,

Better butter, oh, dear.


A Dialogue

  1. Seven days old! She’s a lovely baby!
  2. She’s a beautiful baby!
  3. And she is a clever baby!
  4. She is a very clever baby!
  5. However her vocabulary isn’t so big.
  6. Il isn’t very big, no.
  7. Not very big.
  8. But it’s big for a baby of her age.


take, kettle, best, tail

minute, forty, table, blunt

1. I gave him lit for tat.

2. It’s a pity he is so timid.

3. That will take time.

4. The train is twenty minutes behind the time.

5. I don’t want to take this toast.

6. Two tired teachers were trying to turn their attention to the time-table.


Timothy Trotter trots to town.

To shop for his pet rabbit.

Lettuce he buys and carrot tops.

For that’s his weekly habbit.


dog, said, ready, couldn’t

date, bad, leader, bad, dog, hidden

1. The kid’s as good as gold.

2. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

3. Dumb dogs are dangerous.


The Time – Table of Lazy-Bones Grundy

Lazy – bones Grundy

Must do sums on Monday,

“And today it is Tuesday,

Says Lazy-bones Grundy,

“So I’ll do it on Wednesday,

If not, then on Thursday,

Or even on Friday”.

Says Lazy – bones Grundy.


Now, very soon comes Friday

And Saturday comes,

But Lazy-bones Gruendy

Has no time for sums.

“Never mind”, says Grundy,


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