Travelling. Комплекс тренувальних завдань

First class or economy?

Nikitin: Economy, please.

Clerk: Okay. Anything else?

Nikitin: When is the plane due in Seattle?

Clerk: At 12.30. There are no delays as a rule. Your name, address and telephone number, please.

Nikitin: (Gives the information required)

Clerk: We’ll deliver the ticket two days before your departure. Thank you for calling us.


2. Making a reservation for a flight by telephone

Man: Hi. This is Roger Jackson. I’m calling to make a reservation for a flight from Houston to Atlanta.

Woman: Yes, Mr. Jackson. And what day would you like to travel?

Man: Oh, not until next month. I want to leave on May 15th and return on May 19th.

Woman: All right. Do you have a seating preference?

Man: I’d rather have a window seat.

Woman: Good. There is one available. And do you want me to mail these tickets or will you pick them up?

Man: I’ll pick them up. When can I have them?

Woman: Any time after two o’clock.

Man: Great.


3. Confirming a flight by telephone

Delta: Hello? Delta Airlines at your service. Thank you for calling Delta.

Rensky: Oh, uh, hello, I wonder if you could help me. I’d like to confirm my flight to New York.

Delta: Certainly, sir. Can you tell me the date and flight number, please?

Rensky: It’s the twenty-third of October, and the flight number is DL 33206.

Delta: Thank you sir. Would you mind holding while I check?

Rensky: Not at all.

(A few moments later)


Delta: Are you there, sir? Your flight has been confirmed for the twenty-third of October, number DL33206.

Rensky: Thanks... Er, something else I’d like to know... When do I have to be at the airport?

Delta: At least an hour before the flight. Don’t be late for check-in, sir!

Rensky: Thank you so much.

Exercise 7.

Do you know how to change your reservation?

When changing your reservation, you may want an earlier /a later flight/ to change class (first, business, economy, tourist.) You may have an open return (valid for 12 months) and want to make a firm booking (US: reservation)

e.g. Your return ticket is for 14.00 on 10 August. You want to leave earlier on the same day. What would you say? I’d like to change my reservation.

I’d like an earlier flight, please.

Now you try: