Travelling. Комплекс тренувальних завдань

USA you will be given an immigration form and a customs form to fill in. (It’s a good idea to have a pen and your passport handy – unless you have memorized the number, date and place of issue of your passport.)

On your immigration form there is a small space in which you are supposed to write your address in the USA, which is rather inconvenient if you are going to be travelling about the country. In that case it is best just to put down where you are staying the first night.

On arrival in the USA the immigration officer will check your visa and the immigration form. You will be given a copy of this form to keep in your passport – often they staple it in for you. You are supposed to hand this copy in when you leave the country (unless you are leaving to visit Canada or Mexico and intend to return to the USA within thirty days before going back home). This is generally done at the airline desk when you check in for your return flight, as there are usually no passport checks when you leave the USA. However, nothing terrible seems to happen if you don’t hand the form in.

The immigration officer will stamp on the immigration form how long you are entitled to stay in the USA. Make sure that he or she knows how long you want to stay.

After immigration comes custom, and somewhere along the line you will be relieved of your customs form. Although there is now a red channel/green channel system (red if the traveler has something to declare, green if he/she doesn’t) as in many other countries, you still actually have to come face to face with the customs officer. You are quite likely to be asked to open your bags – perhaps American customs officers aren’t as busy as those in Europe, for they certainly seem to think that they have time to do this. Keep your passport out: they give returning Americans a much harder time than visitors.

It is important to note that you are not allowed to take into the USA any fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, butter, milk, fresh meat or plants.


Think and answer

1.  What address is best to put down in an immigration form if you are going to travel about the USA? Why?

2.  When and where do you hand in your immigration form?

3.  What is checked during the customs control? Do you know why you are not allowed to take into the USA fresh foodstuffs?


Exercise 11.

Read the following two texts which are the conversations one can hear at an airport. After reading them try to answer the questions (following the texts) without looking at