Travelling. Комплекс тренувальних завдань

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Conversation 1 Checking in

Check-in clerk: Good morning.

Traveller: Good morning. Can I check in here for the flight to New York?

C: Yes, it’s leaving at ten past three. May I have you ticket and your passport?... Thank you very much.

T: Can I take this briefcase as hand baggage?

C: Yes, as long as it’ll go under the seat. Have you any other baggage?

T: Yes, I’ve got these two suitcases and this bag.

C: I’m afraid the baggage allowance to New York is two pieces. It doesn’t involve weight, only the number of pieces.

T: So how much excess baggage is there?

C: The extra charge is 20 for each extra piece that you have.

T: For each piece above two?

C: Yes, so that’ll be 20.

T: I see. Do I have to pay now?

C: Yes, please... 20. Thank you very much. Where would you like to sit?

T: No smoking, please.

C: No smoking. Window?

T: Yes, by the window, please.

C: So that’s 18A, that’s your boarding card and your ticket that you’ll need to show again at the gate.

T: Thank you.

C: Do you have a valid visa for New York?

T: Yes, I do.

C: Can I see it?... Thank you. We’ll be boarding at Gate 23 two forty-five.

T: Gate 23. Right, thank you very much.

C: You’re welcome.


Conversation 2 Going through Customs

Customs officer: Would you like to put your luggage on here?... Thank you. Where have you just come from?

Traveller: From Madrid.

C.O: Madrid. Are you resident in Spain, or do you live in the UK?

T: I live in Spain.

C.O: Can I see your passport, please?... Thank you. How long are you coming to the UK for?

T: For a week.

C.O: On holiday оr on business?

T: Yes, on business.

C.O: Is this all your luggage?

T: This is all, yes.

C.O: Nobody else is travelling with you?

T: No, I’m travelling alone.

C.O: OK then. What type of goods have you got, cigarettes, cigars?

T: I’ve got just 200 cigarettes.

C.O: Nothing else at all in the tobacco line?

T: No.

C.O: Any drink at all? Spirits? Liqueurs? Wine?