Travelling. Комплекс тренувальних завдань

T: Just this bottle of whisky.

C. O: Was that bought in the duty-free shop, or. . . ?

T: Yes, at Madrid airport.

C. O: I see. Are you bringing any gifts for anybody in the UK?

T: Well, the whisky is a present, but that’s all.

C. O: I see. No other small items – watches, jewellery?

T: No, it’s just personal things.

C. O: OK. Right, sir. Would you let me have a look in there?. . . Is the calculator going back to Spain with you?

T: Yes it is. It’s mine.

C. O: Do you have a camera at all?

T: No, not with me.

C. O: OK, sir. Thank you very much


Questions to conversation 1

1.   What time will the flight leave today?

2.   What is the baggage allowance on flights to New York?

3.   How much must she pay for the excess baggage?

4.   Can she pay later?

5.   What is the number of her seat on the plane?

6.   Which gate will she have to go to?

7.   What time will she be able to board the plane?


Questions to conversation 2

1.   Where has the traveller come from?

2.   Why has he come to the UK?

3.   How many cigarettes has he got?

4.   What drink has he got?

5.   Has he got any jewellery?

6.   Is he going to give the calculator to another person?


Exercise 12.   

Imagine that you’re going abroad. Fill out the declaration.

Keep for the duration of your stay in Ukraine or abroad. Not renewable in case of loss.

 Persons giving false information in the Customs Declaration or to Customs officers shall render themselves liable under the laws of Ukraine.


Full name ___________________________________________________

Citizenship __________________________________________________

Arriving from ________________________________________________

Country of destination _________________________________________

Purpose of visit (business, tourism, private etc. )


My luggage (including hand luggage) submitted for customs inspection consists of __________ pieces

With me in my luggage I have:

I. Weapons of all descriptions and ammunition


II. Narcotics and appliances for the use thereof


III. Antiques and objects of art (painting, drawing, icons, sculptures etc. )


IV. Ukrainian hryvnya, Ukrainian lottery tickets