Travelling. Комплекс тренувальних завдань



v. Currency other than Ukrainian hryvnya (bank notes, exchequers bills, coins), payment vouchers (cheques, bills, letters of credit, etc. ) in securities (shares, bonds, etc) in foreign currencies, precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, metals of platinum group) in any form or condition, crude and processed natural precious stones (diamonds, brilliants, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls), jewelry and other articles made of precious metals and precious stones, and scrap thereof, as well as property papers:





For offcial use


in figures


in words



VI. Ukrainian hryvnya, other currency, payment vouchers and any objects belonging to other persons.

I am aware that, in addition to the objects listed in the Customs Declaration, I must submit for inspection: printed matter, manuscripts, films, sound recordings, postage stamps, graphic, etc. , plants, fruits, seeds, live animal and birds, as well as raw foodstuffs of animal origin and slaughtered fowl.

I also declare that my luggage sent separately consist of ________ pieces



Date ________________________ Owner of luggage (signed) _________


Exercise 13.

Read and dramatize the dialogues.

1. At the Customs

Customs official: Are these two bags all you have, sir?

Paul Vernon: Yes, they’re all I have.

O: Well, would you please read this notice carefully.

P: Thank you.

O: Do you understand the notice?

P: No, not very well.

O: What it means is this. You must declare anything you have with you which is new, or which you got only recently. Also you must declare anything whether it’s new or not, which is in your luggage and isn’t for your own use – any presents, for example.

P: I see. Yes, I have got some presents. I’ve got a bottle of brandy and some cigarettes.

O: Would you show them to me, please?

Paul: Yes, here they are.

O: Oh, yes, only half a bottle of brandy

You’re allowed that. Now these boxes of cigarettes. That’s more than I can allow you free. I’m afraid we’ll have to charge you some duty on those. I’ll tell you how much in a moment. But first let me see inside your bag.



C. O. – Customs officer; Mrs F – Mrs Farrow; Mr F – Mr Farrow.

C. O. Have you got anything to declare?

Mr. F. We have each bought 200 cigarettes on the boat.

C. O. That’s all right. They are duty free.

Mrs. F. I have one bottle of whisky and my