Travelling. Комплекс тренувальних завдань

you should want anything, gentlemen, there’s a stewardess call button over there. The individual loudspeaker is at yor right.

M: With whom may we talk?

S: With the captain and me, sir.

M: Is smoking allowed here?

S: The sign over there will answer your question, sir.

M. Oh, yes. Thank you. It’ll be a good reminder.

S. The smoking-room is at the rear of the plane.

M. When do we take off?

S. In ten minutes’ time. If you feel tired, you may adjust the seat in a reclining position.

N. Yes, thank you. How many hops do we make in our flight?

S. We are in for a non-stop flight, sir. If you feel hungry, you’ll be provided with a hot meal on the way.

N. Oh, that’s fine! And when can we have it?

S. As soon as we reach altitude. In the meantime you may read this booklet entitled «The ABCs of Jet Flight.» The reading light is above you. I hope you will enjoy the flight, gentlemen.

BOTH. Thank you.


Travelling by sea


Exercise 1.

Read the texts and do the assignments.

About travelling by sea


1. Last Wednesday week I went down to Southampton Docks to see my partner off to New York on one of our largest liners. What colossal ships these steamers are when you see them from the landing stage alongside the quay. I had a pass so I went on board and had a look round.

From the top deck I could see the huge cranes lifting the cargo and depositing it in the holds. I saw members of the crew carrying out their duties in various parts of the ship, while the captain watched the operations and gave his orders from the bridge. Then the siren sounded and the visitors made for the gangways. Finally the ship began to move off, and the passengers, leaning over the rails, waved good-bye to their friends standing below amongst the crowd. Slowly she left the harbour, passing beyond the pier, and gradually disappeared in the distance.


2. For me there is no travel so fine as by sea. I think, there are many things that make travelling by sea a fascinating thing for many people. Though I am not much of a sailor, I love the sight of a ship with its many decks, cabins and state-rooms. It looks like a huge white floating city. It is delightful to be out at sea, too, and promenade on the deck or sit in a deck-chair and take the sun. What can be