Travelling. Комплекс тренувальних завдань

to be vacant. Though the sea was moderately calm, the ship rolled somewhat. Some passengers took to their berths – they felt seasick. By some happy fortune my friend and I were not sick. The fresh sea wind blew in our faces and it was lovely to look at the gulls and hear their cries as they gracefully swept over the waves almost touching the water with their wings.

In the evening we enjoyed the sunset, the beautiful sunset at sea. The sun, red as a glowing coal, gradually went down behind the horizon flooding the sky and the flakes of clouds with a crimson light. It was simply marvellous!

Our voyage lasted several days. On our way we called at several ports. The stays were quite sufficient to give us the opportunity of visiting some points of interest there. And I’ll never forget the day when I first saw Sochi. It was evening when we came in sight of the town. From afar the snow-white palaces seemed like tiny cottages nestling cosily in a sea of fresh green vegetation. It was a picture of wonderful beauty.

In front was the smooth sea and in the background the high mountains, the slopes of which were clothed with green foliage. Even now when I recall it to my mind I experience a thrill of pleasure.

I honestly say that I love best to travel by ship.

1. Speak on the following topics:

1.  A big ship looks like a huge white floating city.

2.  The view from the top deck is marvellous.

3.  Nothing can be compared with the excitement you experience when you sight land.

4.  The pier is a busy place.

5.  To get around a huge ship isn’t easy.

6.  There isn’t very much furniture in cabins.

7.  If the sea isn’t rough, everybody enjoys a voyage.


2. Speak on your own or somebody else’s ‘travelling by sea’ experience.


Exercise 2.

Read the dialogues. Make up dialogues by analogy.

1. In the port

(Mike and Nick come to the port and see the ship at the pier.)

M. My, what a beauty she is!

N. Yes. How many passengers can she accommodate, I wonder?

M. Some 500-600 at least. She is on her maiden voyage, don’t you know?

N. Really? Look. They have lowered the gangway. Let’s hurry on board.

M. (on board the ship). Excuse me, which is the way to Cabin 24, 3rd class, please.

SAILOR. Straight ahead, then right and down.

N. It’s rather difficult to find