Travelling. Комплекс тренувальних завдань

one’s way here with all these narrow corridors, isn’t it?

SAILOR. Don’t worry, I’ll attend you to your cabin. You’ll get accustomed to things here in no time, gentlemen. Well, here we are, Cabin 24, 3rd class. There are your berths.

M. But how small the cabin is! There is hardly any room to turn in here.

SAILOR. You may put your things here in this locker. The restaurant is on the main deck. A pleasant voyage, gentlemen.

N. We hope so. Thank you very much.


2. The Voyage

M. I say, Nick, I feel rather queer.

N. Sea-sick already? Why, we are hardly out at sea yet.

M. Well, this rolling motion of the ship affects me somewhat.

N. I wouldn’t say you are much of a sailor then. Want to go down?

M. I’d rather not.

N. Hold on to the rail. Isn’t it a nice breeze?

M. Yes, it – Say, Nick, are there any life-boats on this ship?

N. What! Have you lost confidence in the ship already?

M. Not quite, but – We are in for a storm, I suppose. The sea is getting rough.

N. You’d better not look down, Mike. You’ll get giddy. Here, take this deck-chair and sit down for a while.

M. No, I think, I’ll go down, after all.

N. Hold tight, I’ll take you to the cabin. You’ll be all right by the morning.

M. I hope so. Oh, Nick, I feel like vomiting.

N. Well, relax yourself and you’ll feel better...Well? How do you feel now?

M. Much better, thanks.


Exercise 3.

a) Supply the correct prepositions.

A young man was going on a voyage which was to last a week. He knew that they served very good meals..... the voyage. Actually, there were four meals every day..... breakfast they usually served fish..... potatoes. Lunch was..... one and consisted..... three courses. Dinner came..... 6; it started..... soup, then there was fish, salad, cheese and dessert.

There was also a small supper..... 10. You could pay..... every meal before you had it, or..... all the meals..... advance which was cheaper. The young man decided to pay..... the whole week and did so.

Lunch came. He wasn’t very hungry and he ate only some meat and fruit. He felt very bad..... this meal and when it was time..... dinner he couldn’t go and have it..... the next four days he had only bread and water, but..... Saturday he had a cup..... tea and a cake and..... Monday he ate some chicken