Travelling. Комплекс тренувальних завдань

was like a huge city, more than nine hundred feet long and thirteen stories high. It had four restaurants, six bars, two ballrooms and two nightclubs. There were scores of shops, four swimming pools, a gymnasium, a golf driving range, a jogging track.

I may never want to leave the ship, Tracy marveled. 


2. A Sea Journey

We were very surprised when we heard that our ship would leave from Manchester which is not on the sea. We had forgotten that there is a wide ship canal which goes from Manchester to the sea. When we got to Manchester we discovered that we were going to travel on rather a small boat which took only fourteen passengers as it was really a cargo boat for carrying goods.

We were taking on pipes to Egypt and on the return journey the ship would bring Egyptian coffee and fruit to England. It took us three days to reach the sea. It was strange to stand on the deck of a ship and see the fields and villages of England passing by on both sides hour after hour.

We lived comfortably. Each of us had a cabin, the food was good and our fellow-passengers were friendly and amusing.

When we reached the sea it was a cold windy day and the boat began to roll from side to side. As we got further and further south the wind became stronger and the ship rolled more. In the famous Bay of Biscay it was difficult to remain in one’s bed. But then as we approached Gibraltar the wind dropped, the sea became calm and the sun came out. Once we had passed the rock of Gibraltar it was so warm and pleasant that we sat on the deck all day watching the African coast go by and enjoying the sun. After passing Tunis we had another day of a strong wind and a rough sea and then beautiful weather again until we reached Egypt.



Travelling by car


Exercise 1.

Read the text and do the assignments.

As for me is nothing better than to travel by car – a good, fast car, I mean. When you are in an aeroplane, you have to be driven by someone else; travel by car is a more personal experience, for there you can drive yourself.

You just sit down at the wheel, switch on the motor, step on the pedal with your foot and off the car goes. You can go as slowly or as fast as you wish, stop when and where you choose; you park the car on the side of the road (street), get out and go where you like.

It is quite true that driving a