Travelling. Комплекс тренувальних завдань

car has some disadvantages. In town it is rather a nuisance with all these traffic “jams” or “hold-ups”, round-abouts, detours and so on. It is not altogether pleasant when you ride on a bumpy road or get a flat tyre, or still worse, when you get stuck in the mud.

But what can be better than a spin in a car on a week-end with your friend? As soon as you get out of the crowded town and see a long, wide road opening up before you, what a thrill it is to feel the wind in your face, to see houses, trees and people flash past, to feel the real joy of speed.

Then, of course, you see much more of the country than you do in a plane. Suppose you are on vacation and have decided to take a 700-800 mile trip in a car. What magnificent views you behold on your way – the cheerful fields, the road winding its way up the mountain with steep, grey cliffs on one side and a deep precipice on the other, the shining expanse of the sea wrapped in a blue noonday haze, the woods, the rows of acacia that stretch along the streets of the towns that you pass through.

Indeed your impressions are unforgettable.


Speak on:

the fascination of travelling by car,

the disadvantages of travelling by car

your own attitude to travelling by car

your or somebody else’s ‘travelling by car’ experience


Exercise2. Read the text and render it in Ukrainian.


Dear Doctor,

Every time we go out in the car, our little boy gets very sick. Our other two children have no problems. Is there anything we can do? (Mrs. Thomas. Norwich)

Many people experience severe sickness when travelling by road, sea or air. It is usually caused by the unusual motion which upsets the balance mechanism of the ear. Most children grow out of car sickness. It is important to distract the child sufferer. You should try not to mention the possibility of being sick. It’s a good idea to take lots of games, toys and puzzles on the journey. Make sure the children can look out of the window and remember to keep the window open slightly. Fresh air helps. Stop the car frequently and let the children walk about. There are several anti-sickness medicines but I wouldn’t advise you to use them without consulting your doctor. 


Exercise 3.

Make up dialogues on the following situations:

1.  You planned to visit Madrid this summer. Originally you wanted to travel by train but then it occurred to you that traveling by car would be more exciting. Now you are discussing