Умовні речення в англійській мові


If I won the lottery, I would bay a car.



третій (third conditional)

If I had won the lottery, I would have visited UK.



В англійській мові також існують змішані умовні речення. 


 1. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form:


1. If I find your passport, I (telephone) you at once.

2. You can use my phone if yours (not work).

3. She will be absolutely furious if she (hear) about this.

4. If London airport is clear of fog, we (land) there.

5. If you (not know) the meaning of a word, you may use a dictionary.

6. If he (work) hard today, can he have a holiday tomorrow?

7. If we leave the car here, it (not be) in anybody’s way.

8. If you (stay) here a little longer, you will see him.

9. We shan’t go out unless it (stop) raining.

10. I’ll probably get lost unless he (come) with me.

11. If you (not believe) what I say, ask your mother.

12. We’ll go abroad this year if we (have) enough money.



1. I (keep) a horse if I could afford it.

2. I should come and see you off if I (not live) so far away.

3. I should be disappointed if they (not come)

4. If you (paint) the walls white, the room would be much brighter.

5. If he (be) here, he would answer you.

6. If we had no luggage, we (walk) home.

7. I would drive to the country if the weather (be) fine.

8. It would be cheaper if you (go) by train.

9. I should be delighted if she (teach) me English.

10. If he were in, he (answer) the phone.

11. If you (not belong) to a union, you couldn’t get a job.

12. If I hadn’t a typewriter, I (type) it myself.



1. If I (have) a map, I would have been all right.

2. If I had realized that the traffic lights were red, I (stop).

3. If I (be) ready when he called, he would have taken me with him.

4. If you had arrived a little earlier, you (find) me there.

5. If you had prepared for the exam more thouroughly, you (get) a better

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