Умовні речення в англійській мові

car hadn’t driven so fast, an accident wouldn’t have happened.

2. If he doesn’t come tomorrow, send him a telegram.

3. If I am there and see him, I’ll tell him about new windowa.

4. It wouldn’t have happened if you had been there.

5. He’ll have to go to hospital tomorrow if he is not better.

6. It would be very kind of you if you could do it for me.

7. Why didn’t you call him? I am sure that he would have come if you had called him.

8. It took me a lot of time to translate this article. If you had given me a good dictionary, I should have spent less time. 9. She wouldn’t lose money so often if she were not so careless.

10. If you had cought the earlier train we could have travelled together.

11. If I knew that he would come tomorrow, I souldn’t go to see him tonight.

12. If I were sure that he had already returned to Kyiv, I should go to see him now.

13. If you had told us a few days ago that you had this handbook, we should have asked you to give it to us for a few days.

14. If I knew his address, I should write to him now that you agreed to help him.

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