Урок іноземної мови в середній загальноосвітній школі

Mr. Green — Mr. Smith. (The two men shake hands. )

Mrs. Brown (to the guests): Dear friends! Please sit down and make yourselves com­fortable. You'll hear a new song.

(The guests sit down. A beautifully dressed woman comes up to the piano. She begins sing­ing in a pleasant voice. )

Mrs. Smith:

Dear, oh, my beloved,

I wish we'd never part!

Dear, oh, my beloved,

You are always in my heart.

Dear, oh, my beloved,

I wish we'd never die!

Dear, oh, my beloved,

Always smile and never cry!

Dear, oh, my beloved,

Our love will never die,

Dear, oh, my beloved,

Never say to me "Goodbye"!

Mr. Green (turning to Mr. Smith): What a terrible voice! Do you know who she is?

Mr. Smith: Yes, I do. She is my wife.

Mr. Green (feeling uneasy): Oh, I'm so sorry. Actually, her voice isn't at all bad. I wanted to say that the song was very bad.

Mr. Smith: The others don't seem to think so. Look around! They are applauding.

Mr. Green: I always say what I think. The song is bad. Do you know who wrote those awful verses?

Mr. Smith (turning to him): It was me. I wrote the song. (Stands up and leaves Mr. Green. )

RT4: Excuse me. Could I phone to Rus­sia?

G3: Yes, certainly

You can use this tele­phone.

RT4: Hello, Mum! We are in London now. We have visited many interesting places here: the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, Trafalgar Square, St. Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Pic­cadilly Circus, London Zoo. We have also visited the Royal Theatre. We have seen "A Terrible Situation" there. I enjoyed that play. London is a beautiful city. I like it. I'll be home in three days. Goodbye, Mummy.

G4: Our tour has finished. I hope very much that you have enjoyed our tour of London. Thank you and goodbye.

T: Did you enjoy our excursion? What places of interest in London do you like best? Have you filled in the blanks in the quiz? If you haven't, do it now, please.

"London. Sightseeing"

1. You can see the column with a statue of tyelson in. . .

a) Piccadilly Circus; b) Hyde Park; c) Tra­falgar Square.

2. . . . is a very democratic park.

a) Hyde Park; b) Regent's Park; c) St. James's Park.

3. London Zoo is in. . .

a) Regent's Park; b) St. James's Park; c) Hyde Park.

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