Урок з іноземної мови. Вільний час, спорт.

Урок з іноземної мови.

Підтема: Вільний час, спорт.  

Мета: Удосконалювати навички читання. Повторити граматику.

Розширити знання учнів про культуру відпочинку

Обладнання: Книга "Have Fun" (Ранок, 2000), (HO,): (текст для читання).  




1. Вводна бесіда за темою уроку.

Talk T: When we have time for leisure, we usually need something that can amuse and interest us. There are several ways to do this. What way do you like to spend your free time? Answer a short quiz.

Aim 2.

Повідомлення теми та завдань уроку.

Т: The topic of our lesson is "Leisure, sports". You'll

• read the text;

• do exercises, connected with the text;

• role-play the situations;

• practise the grammar.  


Reading 1. Читання коротких діалогів і текстів "Leisure, sports" з книги "Have Fun".

1) Pre-reading activities. Передтекстове завдання

Випишіть на дошці і поясніть слова, які можуть бути невідомими.

He Can't Pay His Bill

At dinner-time in the dining-room of a hotel a man was boasting before everybody

of the wonderful things he had done in his time.

"Well, now", said the man who was listening to him, "you tell us of something

you can't do, and I'll try to do it myself".

"Thank you!" answered the man. "I cannot pay my bill".

On Receiving Guests

Willie was invited to a party, where, of course, there were many refreshments. "Won't you have something more, Willie?" the hostess said. "No, thank you", replied Willie, with an expression of great satisfaction, "I'm full".

"Well, then", smiled the hostess, "put some fruit and cakes in your pockets to eat on the way home". "No, thank you", came Willie's quick answer, "they're full, too".

Why He Didn't Run about

A well-dressed gentleman sat on a bench in the park. A boy lay on the grass just across the walk, looking at him.

"What's the matter, boy, why don't you go and play?" asked the gentleman. "Don't want to", the boy replied.

"But why don't you run about?" the gentleman insisted.

"Oh, I'm just waiting", answered the boy. "I'm just waiting, till you get up. A man painted that bench about fifteen minutes ago".

The Stout Lady on the Ice

A very stout lady was very fond of skating. Once she went down to a lake

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