Виховний захід з англійської мови Снігова королева


Тема: рятівна сила кохання, що здатна навіть на самопожерт­ву заради іншої людини.

Мета: підвищити рівень володіння англійською мовою; створити умови, за яких учні проявлять свої індивідуальні творчі здібності та таланти, працюючи в колективі; розвивати комунікативні здібності; виховувати такі почуття, як щирість, доброта, любов.  

Оформлення позакласного заходу: снігові кулі з паперу; декілька стільців; стіл.

Використані ТЗН: відеокамери; музичний центр.

Main characters: narrator, Gerda, Kay, the Snow Queen, granny, Ms. Cunning, street robbers (6), snowflakes (5).  


Narrator. Dear ladies and gentlemen! Mesdames et Mes­sieurs! Damen und Herren! Dear teachers, guests, par­ents and grandparents. We proudly present our play "The Snow Queen". We hope you'll enjoy it.


Narrator. Once upon a time there lived two friends: Kay and Gerda. They played together, shared their secrets and went to school together. They loved each other dearly and couldn't live without their friendship. Our story starts in winter.

Kay and Gerda are playing snowballs in the yard. They are running into the room, merrily shouting.

Kay. I'll catch you! Gerda. No way!

Kay (stops suddenly). Hey! (Waves his hand. ) Here's your snow­ball. (Hits her with a snowball. )

Gerda (a bit angrily). Just you wait! (Runs for him, hitting him with a snowball. )

A voice of grandmother shouting.

Granny. Kay! Gerda! Dinners ready.

Kay, Gerda. We're coming! (Run away from the room. )

In a few seconds they are running into Gerdä's granny house

Granny is sitting in the corner near the table and knitting.

Granny. Sit down and eat some soup! Kids sit down at the table.

Gerda and Kay bow down their heads and fold their hands blessing their dinner.

Gerda. Thank you for the food we eat,

Thank you for the friends we meet.

Thank you for the birds that sing,

Thank you, God, for everything. Amen.

Kay. For all we eat, and all we wear, For daily bread, and nightly care, we thank you, Heavenly Father. Amen.

Gerda. Mmm! Yummy! (Both start eating. )

Kay. Granny, tell us a story about the Snow Queen.

Granny. The Snow Queen rules the earth only in winter and she lives in Lapland where there's most ice and cold, no man can live there. She's made of ice, but yet she's alive. People say she looks into the windows at night and after her look glass is covered with beauti­ful patterns.

Gerda. Can she come here?

Kay. If she does, I'll put her on a hot stove, and she'll melt. (Both laugh. )

The atmosphere changes. Suddenly it becomes cold. White snowflakes (the servants of the Snow Queen) appear in the room, dancing. At first they are friendly, but then become violent and lure Kay into their dance, but Gerda takes him away. The Snow Queen appears. Everything gets quiet.

Snow Queen. Stupid boy! Do you really

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